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A Mexican outdoor barbecue group contacted us through a friend and wanted to purchase a BBQ charcoal ball molding machine to meet their barbecue needs. As a group that loves outdoor barbecue activities, they want to be able to make their barbecue charcoal to ensure that their barbecue activities are continuous and well-supplied.

Machine information and reasons for purchase

We provided the customer with an efficient and reliable BBQ charcoal briquette machine, which is capable of pressing raw materials such as wood chips into high-quality BBQ charcoal.

The customer chose our machine mainly because of the reliable quality and stable performance of our products, and thanks to the recommendation of friends, the customer has a high degree of trust in our company.

The following picture is the finished product of barbecue charcoal obtained from the test run of the machine.

Customer expectation for charcoal ball molding machine

This Mexican outdoor barbecue group hopes that by purchasing our barbecue charcoal briquette machine, they will be able to make high-quality barbecue charcoal by themselves to satisfy their barbecue needs and reduce the cost. They are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with our company to promote the development of outdoor barbecue culture in Mexico.