What is biomass energy wood fuel briquette?

Biomass energy wood fuel briquette is a very clean and burnable fuel, using general agricultural waste as raw material, such as sawdust, straw bagasse, rice bran, etc. Mainly through crushing, mixing, extrusion molding, drying, and other steps. Biomass fuel blocks come in a variety of shapes, ranging from pellets to lumps.

Raw materials for biomass energy

Wood Fuel Briquette Material
Wood Fuel Briquette Material

Most biomass fuel rods use agricultural wastes as raw materials, such as peanut shells, corn stalks, and wood chips, as long as they can be burned, they can be processed into biomass fuels. The production process of biomass fuel is also simpler. If the raw material is too large, it needs to be pulverized to the same size as sawdust.

Biomass fuel briquette production equipment

Biomass Fuel Briquette Production Equipment
Biomass Fuel Briquette Production Equipment

Biomass fuel rods require equipment such as pulverizers, mixers, molding machines, and dryers. The moisture content of the raw material for the production of biomass pellets is 8%-12%. The biomass energy wood fuel briquette machine can produce one piece at a time or two pieces at a time. The biomass energy wood fuel briquette machine in our factory can be customized.

The advantages of biomass fuel

  • Renewability. Biomass energy is a renewable resource. Biomass energy can be regenerated through the photosynthesis of plants. It is a renewable energy source such as wind energy and solar energy. It is rich in resources and can ensure the sustainable use of energy;
  • Low pollution. Biomass has low sulfur content and low nitrogen content, and generates less SOX and NOX during combustion; when biomass is used as fuel, since the carbon dioxide it needs during growth is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide it emits, Therefore, the net carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere is close to zero, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect;
  • Wide distribution. In areas lacking coal and natural gas, biomass energy can be fully utilized;
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