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The airflow dryer is used to mix the moist material with the high-temperature airflow, and finally separate the water from the raw material through the separator. The dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, charcoal, and other industries. The drying equipment works as follows; after the dehydrated wet material is added to the dryer, the material is evenly distributed under the pipe. It is evenly dispersed in the dryer and is in full contact with hot air to accelerate heat transfer and mass transfer. In the drying process, the material is under the action of the inclined plate and hot temper, and the dryer is added with a star-shaped discharge valve to discharge the finished product. The working principle of the airflow dryer is to send the granular wet material into the hot airflow. Let them mix together to obtain a granulated dry product, which has a good effect on reducing environmental pollution in the charcoal industry.

Airflow Dryer

main feature

  • The drying performance of the airflow dryer is large: the airflow dryer has high airflow speed and the material is well dispersed in the gas phase. The entire surface of the material can be used as an effective area for drying. Therefore, the limited area of ​​drying is greatly increased. At the same time, due to dispersion and agitation during drying. The effect makes the gasification surface constantly updated, so the heat transfer process of the drying process is strong.
  • The drying time of the airflow dryer is short: the contact time between the material and the air is extremely short, and the drying time is generally 0.5~5 seconds. It will not cause overheating or decomposition of the heat-sensitive or low melting material and affect its quality.
  • Airflow dryer has high thermal efficiency: airflow drying adopts material and gas co-current operation. The material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state from the beginning to the end, and the drying time is short, so a higher drying temperature can be used.
  • Airflow dryer has wide application range, high output, and large precipitation range; simple structure, small station area, low investment and maintenance cost.
  • Airflow dryer hot air source: oil stove, gas stove, coal-fired hot stove, steam heat exchanger.
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