What is the use of charcoal produced by charcoal briquette production line?

First, industry

1. It is suitable for purification of industrial production drinking water, raw water purification of power station boilers, air purification, automobile exhaust gas recovery, purification of precious metals and use as a photocatalyst carrier;

2. Metallurgy: steelmaking, ironmaking reducing agent, steel ingot heat preservation agent, an electrode for aluminum smelting;

3. Chemical industry: used to produce carbon disulfide, calcium carbide, carbon tetrachloride, etc.

4. Carbon plant, activated carbon plant, steel plant, copper plant, mosquito-repellent incense factory, rubber plant, thermal insulation material plant, etc. suitable for charcoal as raw material (only one medium-sized silicon plant requires 150,000 tons of charcoal for activated carbon).

Sawdust briquette machine
Mechanism charcoal

Second, agriculture

1. Increasing the ground temperature: After applying charcoal powder in the soil, the black charcoal particles can absorb the solar heat energy, which can increase the soil temperature, promote seed germination, and increase the germination rate.

2. Improve soil and maintain soil moisture.

3. Sustained release of pesticides and fertilizers (changing soil pH, increasing soil CO2 content, adsorbing harmful metals in soil, and improving microbial activity in soil)

Third, food

Used as food additives, food brewing, smoked tea, etc.; used for decolorization and refining of sugars such as sucrose, glucose, xylose, ribose, sucrose, lactose; food preservation, large freezer, refrigerator deodorant.

Fourth, environmental protection, construction, ceramics Environmental protection can be used as snow remover, desiccant, but also as a special filler for building concrete, insulation materials, refractory materials. When firing ceramics, using a mechanical rod as a fuel can improve the quality of ceramic products.

Fifth. Animal husbandry

As a feed admixture, it accelerates the growth and development of livestock and poultry, increases the digestion and disease resistance of livestock and poultry, and deodorizes the corral.
The above is the role of charcoal briquette production line in the production mechanism of charcoal and the use of charcoal. The charcoal briquette production line is simple to operate, energy-saving and environmentally friendly production, and the mechanism charcoal is widely used in the market and is favored by people, so charcoal type The development prospects of the coal production line in the market are still considerable.