The role of carbonization furnace in charcoal briquette production line equipment

The charcoal briquette production line equipment requires a carbonization furnace in the completion of the carbon making process. At the same time, the carbonization furnace plays an important role in the production process of charcoal briquette production line equipment. Therefore, before the investment in charcoal briquette production line equipment, a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the carbonization furnace is needed. So what is the role of carbonization furnace in charcoal machine equipment?
Charcoal briquette production line equipment carbonization furnace is to use the salary bar in the furnace – semi-finished products, the heat generated by surface oxidation combustion (flameless) after ignition causes the fuel rod to decompose and carbonize, and produces flammable gas and tar in the process of decomposition. And charcoal. The flammable gas is mixed with a small amount of oxygen entering the furnace and then oxidized to generate more heat, further maintaining the temperature in the furnace to meet the heat required for the decomposition of the fuel bar.

charcoal briquette production line

1. The carbonization furnace does not need to be attached with any heating equipment.
The heat required for the charcoal charring in the carbonization furnace comes from the surface self-ignition of the salary bar itself (ie, flameless oxidation) and the flammable gas is oxidized in the furnace. It does not need electricity, gas, coal and firewood heating, so no additional heating is required. equipment.
2. The process of carbonization furnace is mature, easy to operate, easy to master, safe and reliable.
3. The carbonized charcoal has high output and good quality.
4. The carbonization furnace has a long service life and low maintenance cost.