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What is the principle of sawdust briquette production line equipment?

The sawdust briquette production line equipment is the mainstream equipment in the current environmental protection market. With the protection of the ecological resources by the society, many policies have been proposed for the sawdust coal briquetting machine industry, which has a promoting effect on the development of the sawdust coal briquetting machine industry. At the same time, the mechanism of charcoal produced also solved the demand for charcoal on the market.

The sawdust briquette production line can use raw materials such as bamboo sawdust, peanut shells, corn cobs and the like to be pulverized into pellets within 10 mm by a wood chip crusher, dried and shaped by a dryer, and then placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization to form charcoal. The sawdust coal-making machine produces charcoal with high density, small volume and good flammability, which can replace fuelwood and coal. This product is especially suitable for burning in the north and winter in the northern region, heating the greenhouse or making ordinary living fuel. The complete set of charcoal machine equipment consists of crusher, dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace.

Automatic feeding machine
Mechanism charcoal

Sawndust briquette production line equipment production process: material crushing, drying, rod forming, carbonization. The main equipments are: crusher, dryer, bar machine, carbonization furnace video. It mainly consists of a bar machine and a dryer, and is a special machine for manufacturing charcoal. The dryer can automatically cut the material and dry it once. The exhaust port is not dip. The discharge port does not spray the material and falls naturally. It can be used for the production of four rod machines. The automatic temperature control rod making machine can adjust the stick at any time. Compactness, this technology not only guarantees the quality of the stick. Branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural products are used as raw materials. After crushing, they are pressurized and densified. Because they can replace traditional coal, they are called “straw coal”. It is an emerging fuel.

Production and processing procedures for sawdust briquette production line: the material is cut with a mower or crushed with a pulverizer. The grain length and water content of the material are within the specified range: the material is evenly distributed by the loading machine (belt conveyor) or manually. It is sent to the top of the molding machine and pressed to form the finished product. From raw material source to fuel use process: material recovery → cutting → automatic metal removal → pressing → forming → output → cooling → transportation → civil, small boiler → biomass power plant. Users of sawdust briquette production line equipment should be matched according to the manufacturer’s production of rod machine and dryer output.

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