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How does charcoal briquette production line equipment work?

The production of mechanism charcoal is a complicated process. After a series of chemical reactions in the furnace body, the finished charcoal is obtained. The charcoal briquettes produced by Shuliy Machinery have high activity, easy to burn, no exhaust after combustion or Waste smoke is generated, the heat generated by combustion is high, and the heat energy is converted high, which is the best in environmental protection and performance. The charcoal briquette production line has such a magical effect. What is his working principle?

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Mechanism charcoal

The formation of charcoal can be completed in three stages – the initial stage of drying, carbonization, and deep carbonization. The raw materials in the three stages have different changes and reflections, and the substances produced are also different. In the charcoal briquette production line, a large amount of flue gas is generated in the process of carbonizing raw materials. If these flue gases are not directly discharged into the atmosphere, they will pollute the atmosphere. At the same time, the flue gas can be recovered as a heat source in the carbonization stage. Shuliy’s charcoal briquette production line adopts self-sufficient working mode, automatic recovery of flue gas supply in the carbonization process to the bottom combustion, complete green production process, and no pollution discharge, fully comply with environmental protection requirements; automatic temperature control system is installed in the equipment, control The most suitable carbonization temperature guarantees the quality of the finished carbon.

The use of finished carbon is widely used. Many customers care about the price of finished products. For manufacturers of carbon, they can observe the market and make judgments on their own investment. The price of charcoal is not fixed, it will change with the market conditions, and charcoal is also divided into three or six, etc., the quality is relatively high, and the price of inferior charcoal or production failure is lower.

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