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Charcoal production has great impact on the economic development of South Africa.

Charcoal briquette is an important energy in South Africa. It is the major source of the living to the urban or rural. In addition, charcoal production also has made a great effect to the economic development,Charcoal machine equipment production mechanism carbon unqualified how to troubleshoot

Charcoal machine equipment is crushed through raw materials, drying, rod making, carbonization in turn, if the charcoal machine equipment produced by unqualified, it is necessary to check the equipment. How can we conduct a survey?

Coal briquetting machine

Propeller is a key component of charcoal machine. Its working principle is very simple. It mainly cooperates with the forming sleeve of charcoal machine to punch the raw materials such as sawdust. The longer the propeller works, the worn part of the punch head will appear. Once it is found, we must replace the new propeller, otherwise the damaged propeller will be worn out. Affect the finished product specification of charcoal machine. Normally, there are two characteristics of the damaged propeller:

1. The processed fuelrod is not strong enough; the surface of the fuelrod processed by the damaged propeller of a charcoal machine is usually cracked, and the fuelrod will crack if it is pinched artificially.

2. The specification of semi-finished fuel rod is obviously longer; the original specification length will be significantly shorter when the thruster punch is damaged, so the processing with the forming sleeve punch can not reach the required depth, and then the processed fuel rod can not be processed by relative impact compression treatment, resulting in the final output of semi-finished fuel rod with longer specifications.

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