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Vietnam Biomass Fuel Rod Production Line
Vietnam Sawdust briquette charcoal Production Line
CountryVietnamDateSeptember 5, 2021
Production lineSawdust briquette charcoalOutput8T/H
Total power300KWProject area18m*20m*30m(L*W*H)
  • The core equipment of the project: The sawdust briquette charcoal production line includes the wood crusher, totatry dryer, briquetting machine, carbonizing furnace and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Customer’s main raw materials: Coconut husk, rice husk, peanut husk, crop straw and other wooden materials
Raw materials
  • Whether to include packaging system (Y/N): Yes, automatic packaging system
  • Whether it belongs to a customized plan (Y/N): Yes, a customized plan
  • The scope of application of the project: Used to burn biomass briquette charcoal for heating
  • Installation cycle of the project: 30 days
  • Number of installation personnel: 5
  • The production line operators: 3 people, this system adopts a semi-automatic production line, only one person is responsible for the normal operation of the machine, and two persons control the forklift and crane for carbonization.
  • Problems in the installation process: A professional installation team can help customers install and solve problems during the installation process
Installation Process
Installation Process
  • Whether the customer visits the factory (Y/N): Customers pay directly after inspecting the factory
  • Our company provides various drawings:

1. Flow chart; 2. Installation drawing; 3. Pit drawing; 4. Operation instruction 5. Production construction drawing design drawing; 6. Steel structure complete drawing and steel list; 7. Workshop drawing plan And sectional drawings; 8. Steel structure construction drawings; 9. Detailed steel structure drawings and material list; 10. Floor drawings;

  • One-stop after-sales service:
    • We send two technical and installation engineers to guide the installation.
    • After installation and adjustment, we have trained the customer’s workers how to operate.
    • Train the workers how to maintain and protect.
    • According to the function, we will formulate complete maintenance rules for you, including how to maintain, when to maintain, and Who maintains it.
    • Our company’s after-sales department will call customers regularly to inquire about maintenance and provide suggestions. 6. In addition to wearing parts, our company provides one-year free warranty and permanent free technical support.
Shipment Of The Briquette Charcoal Production Line
Shipment of the briquette charcoal production line