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Using professional charcoal machine to produce charcoal

The machine-made of charcoal should be produced using a professional machine-made of charcoal machine equipment, and the raw materials of the processing machine-made charcoal products cannot be made of any raw materials. Recently, many customers of the consulting machine-made charcoal equipment project asked whether it is feasible to use the crop straw as a machine-made.

Here, Shuliy Machinery Manufacturing Factory is very responsible to tell the majority of friends that straw cannot be used solely for the production of charcoal. The machine-made of charcoal should be based on wood raw materials. Other raw materials that can be used are peanut shells, corn cobs, sawdust, sawdust, etc., which have wide applicability and can meet different production needs, making charcoal machine equipment more widely used.

Sawdust briquette machine

Charcoal machine work

Charcoal machine equipment uses sawdust as raw material for carbon production. Sawdust is widely used. Sawdust is produced and utilized in various regions. Sawdust is used as raw material for processing and production. It is also one of the production methods of comparative processes. Charcoal machine equipment needs to pay attention to the series of problems when using sawdust as raw material for the carbon production so that the charcoal machine equipment can be better produced.

When using sawdust as raw material, charcoal machine equipment needs to master the temperature of sawdust and the particle size of sawdust. The quality of raw materials is directly related to the finished charcoal, and the particle size of sawdust is best between 3-6mm. The quality of the charcoal produced is also the best.

At the same time, the finished charcoal produced by the charcoal machine equipment is flammable, and the finished charcoal should be safely placed to avoid fire. The extensive use of raw materials makes it necessary to operate methods in the carbon production process to produce a suitable machine-made for charcoal to create more economic benefits.

In the traditional crop recycling industry, the utilization rate of straw crops in China is about 33%, and the utilization rate of processing technology is only about 23%, most of which are unprocessed, and the utilization rate is very low. The waste of resources is very great. As a traditional agricultural country, how to comprehensively utilize crop straw resources has important development significance for saving resources, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable development of agriculture, etc. It also has a broad development prospect.

There are many major ways to reuse agricultural straw, corn stalks, etc., which can be used as energy, feed, waste, raw materials for production, etc., and can be used for heat, biogas production, carbonization, power generation, etc. The emergence of charcoal machines has enabled the use of straws, corn stalks, and other crops to reach new heights. Straws and other crops can be used to make straw charcoal to achieve the best utilization and maximum utilization.

Sawdust briquette machine
For the charcoal machine, the straw carbonization technology is used to soften the organic fiber such as crop straw, hemicellulose, and lignin at 200-300 degrees, and after the softening is completed, it is pulverized while adding an appropriate amount of bonding. The agent is mixed with water.

At the same time, a certain pressure is applied to solidify the mixed straw raw materials. After the molding is completed, the latest rod-shaped straw charcoal is obtained, which is a simple production process of straw charring.

At the current stage of development, the implementation of straw carbonization technology for straw crops is a new type of transformation from an extensive economy to economical economy. Carbonization of abandoned straw and other crops not only enhances the comprehensive utilization of resources but also eliminates The harm and pollution brought by burning straw and improving the economic income of farmers can be said to be the best solution for comprehensive cycle development.