The development of briquette charcoal in Southeast Asia

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Machine-made charcoal is an indispensable raw material and additive in industries such as soil improvement in agriculture, disease prevention in animal husbandry, and “heating in winter” and other industries. It is also an indispensable fuel for industries such as agriculture and metallurgy. Therefore, while banning logging and burning charcoal, many countries encourage the development of a new generation of machine-made charcoal to replace natural charcoal.

The development prospects of briquette charcoal

Briquette Charcoal
Charcoal briquette

Many countries in Southeast Asia are big charcoal-producing countries, with annual charcoal production reaching more than 10 million tons. In the context of the gradual shrinking of traditional charcoal production, machine-made charcoal uses agricultural and forestry wastes such as rice husks and sawdust as raw materials. Compared with natural forest charcoal, machine-made charcoal has great advantages and its market prospects are getting better and better.

The international market has a continuous demand for machine-made charcoal, and the current production capacity cannot meet the market demand. The price of machine-made charcoal continues to rise, and there is often no market available. The charcoal project of investment mechanism can not only obtain good economic benefits but also create good social benefits. It is a good project that benefits the country and the people.

Necessity of machine-made charcoal machine project construction

Charcoal Briquette
charcoal briquette
  1. Waste utilization: Every year, a large amount of crop straws and other residues are accumulated, of which only 20%-30% of the residues are used, and the rest are disposed of as garbage. There are also billions of tons of branches, sawdust, rice husks, and various crop straws. Throw it away, according to the ratio of 2.5-3.1 produced charcoal from machine-made charcoal waste, billions of tons of new energy machine-made charcoal will be produced.
  2. Turn waste into treasure: The briquette charcoal can replace natural charcoal, which saves wood, effectively protects forest resources, prevents soil erosion, and adjusts the ecological balance.
  3. Resource regeneration: Charcoal is an indispensable raw material and additive in China’s industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, metallurgy and other industries. With the rapid economic development of various countries in the world, machine-made charcoal can effectively alleviate the tension of charcoal supply, which is conducive to the healthy and stable development of the national economy.

What parts of the machine-made charcoal investment need to be divided into

The investment of the whole set of mechanism charcoal machine equipment is roughly divided into the following parts: equipment investment + site investment + manpower investment + raw material investment + power investment

Briquette Charcoal Production Line
Briquette charcoal production line
  1. Site investment: In order to ensure the normal production of the whole set of mechanism charcoal machines, we need at least about 100 square meters of space. Generally, we own or rent it by ourselves. The cost depends on our actual situation.
  2. Equipment investment: The investment in equipment should be determined according to the scale of production. In other words, it is determined according to the market demand for mechanism charcoal and its own investment funds. The manufacturers have different specifications of equipment, and the output is 1 ton per day, 2 tons and more than 3 tons, this is based on the finished charcoal.
  3. Raw material investment: Generally speaking, the machine-made charcoal sites are in rural areas. Local straws, branches and other raw materials can be collected from the surroundings, or they can be purchased at low prices. The site should be placed in an area with sufficient raw materials, which will not only reduce the machine-made charcoal The cost of raw materials can also reduce transportation costs. According to the actual local conditions, there are also different gaps in the amount of investment.
  4. Human resources: According to the installation experience of our factory for many years, 2 people are needed to produce one ton of finished charcoal per day, and 4 people are needed to carry out the actual operation for the production of one ton of finished charcoal per day.
  5. Electricity investment: With a daily output of one ton of finished machine-made charcoal, our machine-made charcoal machine equipment consumes approximately 260 degrees of electricity. According to the local electricity bill, the required cost can be calculated.
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