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How to reduce flue gas emission during the production of charcoal machine

Smoke is unavoidable in the charcoal making process of charcoal machine equipment, but excessive emissions of flue gas will have a certain impact on our environment, so we need to take certain measures to control the emissions of flue gas in the process of charcoal making. We have thought of three feasible methods for your reference.

The first method is condensation recovery.

This is a cost-effective way to recover wood tar and vinegar from flue gas by using condensation towers and separation tanks. But the high cost of investment makes it difficult for them to be widely promoted and used.

The second method is the water immersion.

The so-called water immersion method is to let the flue gas precipitate through the pool. This requires the user to build a pool beside the charcoal machine equipment, the flue gas in the charcoal furnace is introduced into the pool through the fan and pipeline, and then through the specific heat difference, the tar and vinegar in the flue gas can be condensed and precipitated. Yes, wood tar and wood vinegar that is deposited at the bottom of the tank need to be cleaned regularly.

The third way is to connect the chimneys in a centralized way.

This is a very simple method of introducing flue gas from a carbonization furnace into a central chimney through a common flue and then discharging it at high altitudes. Although this method can not reduce the emission of flue gas, because of the increase in the height of flue gas emissions, so still can reduce the impact of flue gas on the environment, which is the most charcoal machine manufacturers adopt the method.

Although these three methods of controlling smoke emissions require additional investment and may exceed our budget, for the sake of the environment on which we live and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must minimize the amount of smoke produced in the production of charcoal machines.