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Charcoal machine equipment industry faces new industrial model adjustment

With the industry’s expanding expansion of the charcoal machine industry’s horizontal expansion, although this is the only way to future development, but many charcoal machine companies cannot keep up with the market’s matching speed, whether matching or not, charcoal Machine companies need to follow the investors, no time to product design or event promotion to keep up with the public’s requirements in order to save themselves. Products should closely follow the investment demand.

The development of the machine industry has been booming for decades. Many charcoal machine companies have swarmed into the beach, but as people’s investment needs change, but the rise of various new products, competitive advantage Weakened and the market was eroded step by step. The times are developing, and the tastes and needs of investors are constantly changing. It is impossible to grasp the development trend and cannot make timely adjustments in materials, design, etc., and we can only watch the business go from bad to worse. In the end, it became the “something enterprise” that people were crowned with “closed” in the mouth after the meal.

As a mysterious industry, the machine company must not be able to fill the same situation. Service quality is not adequately valued In addition, logistics services in the building materials industry are also one of the important reasons for the current investment disputes. Some investors originally had a good impression on a certain brand of charcoal machine and purchased the product. However, when the goods arrived at the home and found that the product had color difference in color and style, and the goods were damaged during transportation, the logistics were not willing to take responsibility when coordinating the solution.

The manufacturers have a big deal, the manufacturers have dealt with them, the interests of investors have been lost, and the image that the brand has been able to establish has also been damaged. The development model is not matched with the market. Some charcoal machines have a big appetite. The internal supporting facilities of the company are not perfect. The opportunity is to promote the national market, the dealers are blooming all over the country, and the clothes are bustling and prosperous. Unfortunately, the management of the company is not perfect, the service system can’t keep up, and there are problems with product descriptions, product selling points, and dealer training. The larger the opening, the bigger the contact is, the harder it is to solve.

Enterprises cannot meet the requirements of the distribution of the bend, part of the distribution of the insurance to take the investor’s money after the disappearance, the corporate brand is in the vicious circle of this, in the long run, and the dealer dares to agent your taste. Are there any investors who dare to buy your charcoal machine? Under the influence of many factors, the risk of bankruptcy of the machine will increase. Although the current charcoal machine industry is affected by the Daquan Taiwanese environment, the fate of the company itself is determined by itself. At the moment when the tide of bankruptcy is intensifying, it is only the enterprise itself that can be in the enterprise and in the “deep waters”.


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