How to use the wood chip pulverizer

Now there is a high-quality chip pulverizer, which has a great position in the process of production. This machine is a wood chip pulverizer. So today we will learn how to use the pulverizer. What problems should we pay attention to during the use? Achieve effective operation to achieve the purpose of rationalizing work efficiency.


Be sure to check the operation of the equipment before using the sawdust shredder. Check whether the screws are completely installed, whether there is no jamming in each transmission part, and observe the mechanical cleanliness of the equipment. Ensure that there are no abnormal phenomena during the work, and finally adjust the speed of the work. The handling of materials and the calculation of moisture in wood materials must be reasonable and safe.


The wood must check the relative dry humidity before entering the wood chip pulverizer. Pay attention to environmental conditions during transportation. If the moisture of the material is too large, it will stick to the inside of the crusher, which is easy to cause mechanical damage. Small parts are also easy to break, so pay attention to replacement after using for a period of time, the better the wear resistance, it proves that the ability of the crusher to produce is greater, and the non-wearing will directly affect the ability to produce.
Sawdust crusher

Wood Chip Pulverize
Wood Chip Pulverize


After the chip pulverizer works normally, it is necessary to prevent the wood from entering the machine with metal or stones. When all the machinery and materials are inspected without any doubt, the feeding work can be carried out, and the phenomenon of jamming must be prevented when feeding. Of course, it is necessary to maintain the smoothness of the machine so that the work efficiency can be further improved. At the same time, it is also very helpful for mechanical protection and extending life.


The mechanical valve can be conditioned to set the thickness of the wood chips, so we can set the fineness of the finished product in advance when processing, or change it according to the demand after working for a while. The longer the working efficiency of the sawdust crusher, the more the output will affect the effect of the milling. The adhesion will directly drive the looseness. Finally, the wood powder should be sieved in advance, and the excessive particle size will also affect the output value.

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