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How to operate the charcoal making machine to produce quality charcoal?

A lot of branches and waste wooden chips as raw material are out there waiting to be turned into charcoal for waste recycling, it is commonly heard that waste branches can produce high-quality charcoal with greater competitiveness in sales profit in the charcoal market. Then, when the customers invest in a new type of charcoal making machine, how should they measure the machine to achieve to producing high-quality charcoal from the branch and other raw materials?

charcoal making machine
charcoal making machine

New charcoal making machine

The new charcoal making machine is designed to produce high-quality charcoal. As the raw material of branches is large in size, it cannot be directly processed. Therefore, it needs to be crushed by crusher equipment, thus raw material will be crushed into particles of a certain size. To measure the moisture content of the raw material particles after grinding, we can simply grasp a handful of the wood particles to see if it meets the production requirements. If the wood particle fails to meet the pre-processing requirement of 8% to 12% moisture content, use the dryer equipment to dry it. After drying, the bar making machine is adapted to produce wooden bars of a certain size. Finally, is the carbonization processing achieved by carbonization furnace, controlled by the carbonization temperature controller the carbonization goal can be finally achieved.

charcoal making machine

The new charcoal making machine is reasonable in design, reliable in quality, simple in structure, convenient in operation, small in size and occupation, and low in labor and power consumption.

The automatic controlled electric heating device mounted on the new charcoal making machine can adjust the humidity of the raw material arbitrarily to ensure the stable and effective forming of the raw material with improved working efficiency.

The main part of the advanced charcoal making machine is made of wear-resisting material built under special treatment, so continuously pressing and durable use are ensured.

The new charcoal making machine is suitable for the pressing and forming of various biomass raw materials, with less energy consumption and high production efficiency.

Through the brief introduction of the whole processing procedure of the charcoal making machine, raw materials such as branches can be used to produce high-quality charcoal. Although the whole production seems very simple, in fact, the new type of charcoal making machine production technology is sophisticated in program design, molding technology, carbonization technology, propelling technology and so on. Only by acquiring the operation method of the new type of charcoal making machine of the whole production line, can high-quality charcoal be produced.