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Economic benefit analysis of the charcoal machine investment

With the development of society and economy, two significant changes have taken place in the investment of the charcoal industry: First, the development from small-scale labor-intensive to fully automatic large-scale efficiency; Second, the configuration of a complete set of charcoal machines is developed from production-oriented to environmentally friendly. The common characteristics pursued by many charcoal manufacturers are good efficiency, smoke-free environmental protection, and a high degree of automation.


Benefit analysis of investment in the carbon industry

1.Significant social benefits

Reducing waste: In a major agricultural production country every year, crop straws and other residues amount to 6-7 billion tons each year, and the utilization rate is only 20%. Most branches, sawdust, rice husks, bamboo shavings, etc. are thrown away. The equipment of this project can transform the above waste into high-efficiency new energy-machine-made charcoal, wood tar, etc.

Material saving: The production of machine-made charcoal effectively complies with relevant environmental protection policies, replacing natural charcoal, saving wood and effectively protecting forestry resources.

Front of the charcoal briquette machine

2. Considerable economic benefits

For some countries in a period of rapid economic development, industries such as industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, and civilian use are in great demand. The raw material cost of machine-made charcoal is generally ¥150-200, while the domestic market price of machine-made charcoal is generally ¥1500-2600 per ton. The export price of charcoal is generally ¥3,000-4,500 per ton, and high-quality carbon is as high as ¥5,000-7,500 per ton. In addition to the by-products of machine-made charcoal-wood tar and wood vinegar, investment in the charcoal industry will obtain high economic benefits.

3. Wide range of applications

Industrial carbon: Industrial carbon is mainly used for the participation of industrial materials and carbon for metallurgy, and carbon for carburizing in the chemical industry. A medium-sized industrial silicon plant needs more than 10,000 tons of carbon per year. In addition, the production of activated carbon, silicon carbide, crystalline silicon, thermal insulation materials, smelters, copper plants, steel plants, rubber plants and other industries all demand a large amount of charcoal. In short, machine-made charcoal has hundreds of industries in the industry, and it is the largest industry in demand for charcoal.

Charcoal used in agriculture and animal husbandry: The contribution of charcoal to agriculture and animal husbandry production is mainly to increase ground temperature, improve soil, maintain soil moisture, act as a relief agent for organic fertilizers, and improve soil acidity and alkalinity. There is a good market in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry at home and abroad.

Living areas: People often use charcoal for heating, as fuel for barbecues or hot pots, as well as the frying of southern tea and tobacco leaf drying. In addition, charcoal also regulates the room air temperature, humidity and eliminates harmful gases, etc., and has become a necessity in people’s life.

4. Large market demand

Back of the charcoal briquette machine

In China, the annual demand for charcoal in the chemical and metallurgical industries reaches 6 million tons, the annual demand in the food industry reaches 600 tons, and the annual demand for civilian use and barbecue is 5 million tons. The wide range of uses of charcoal reflects its good commercial value and also brings huge business opportunities to investors. The current charcoal production capacity simply cannot meet the current market demand. Therefore, the price of machine-made charcoal will not be shaken in a short time, and the investment in the charcoal industry will have a stable market at present, so there will be a lot of profit margins. With the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for charcoal will be increasing year by year.

The cost of charcoal machine investment

Charcoal briquette machine
Charcoal briquette machine

The price of the charcoal machines is based on the actual situation and different needs of users. The prices of high-output and low-output configurations are quite different. It is not as simple as a number: 1. The output is different, the price is also very different. 2. With the degree of automation, the charcoal machine has many automatic supporting equipment, such as the screw auger, steel mesh conveyor, distributor, etc. The customers can freely choose according to the scale of their charcoal plant; 3. The specific configuration. Even if it is the same equipment, types and models are different, and the prices are also quite different. The customer should first determine the type, model, quantity of the equipment according to their own investment budget, and then negotiate the specific price of different machines.