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Earlier this month, our company successfully delivered a coconut shell charring furnace to a charcoal plant in Iraq. The customer is a local carbonization plant specializing in converting plant wastes such as coconut shells into biomass charcoal for energy production.

Coconut shell charring furnace information

During the communication with the customer, our business manager made a detailed introduction of the production capacity, heat source, and gas circulation process of the charcoal furnace to ensure that the customer understood the performance of the machine thoroughly.

The customer’s need is to convert plant waste into biomass charcoal to cope with energy demand. The reason for choosing our company is that we provide stable performance of the machine, comprehensive technical support, and increase the customer’s trust through video visits to the plant and other means.

The customer was satisfied with the performance and technical parameters of the carbonization furnace and believed that our company’s machine could meet their production needs of converting coconut shells into biomass charcoal.

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Why choose our company?

In the process of communication with the customer from Iraq, the business manager fully communicated with the customer and answered their doubts through the illustrated introduction and the video factory visit, which contributed to the smooth transaction.

In addition, we promise to provide customers with free machine spare parts within one year. At the same time, we introduce the installation and operation steps of the coconut shell charring furnace to ensure that the customer can use the machine in production smoothly.