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Sawdust sieving/sorting machine




Sawdust sieving/sorting machine is mainly composed of the following five parts:reducer, hopper, motor, frame, roller.In order to make higher quality, denser wood sticks, use sawdust sieving/sorting machine to make raw materials (granular raw materials such as wood chips) more uniform.


Technical data:

Model SL-3 SL-4
Capacity ( t/h) 10 15
Power 4kw 5.5kw
Length 3m 4m


Working process:

The raw materials are conveyed into the charcoal sieving machine, and the raw materials of uniform size are obtained through continuous rotation of the drum.After drying,put the the raw materials into the charcoal briquette machine,then press them.


Main features:

Simple structure, smooth running, low noise, less blocking of mesh screen

Easy installation and maintenance.


Charcoal sieving machine
Charcoal sieving machine
Sawdust sievingsorting machine

Final product:


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