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At the end of last year, our company was honored to reach a friendly deal with a coal bar production and sales enterprise in Guinea. In this deal, we successfully sent a highly efficient charcoal making machine line to the customers in Guinea.

This charcoal making machine line includes a variety of equipment such as a wood crusher, drum sawdust dryer, wood briquette extruder machine, hoisting carbonization furnace, and so on, which comprehensively meets the customer’s production needs.

Our company dispatched a team of professional engineers to Guinea to personally carry out the installation and commissioning of the equipment. The on-site engineers worked closely with the customer to ensure that the production line was put into normal operation in the shortest possible time.

Background information about the customer

Our client is a local Guinean company specializing in the production and sale of charcoal briquettes. With years of experience and deep insight into the market, the customer has long established a good reputation in the local area.

With the continuous expansion of the enterprise scale, the customer urgently needs to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs to better meet the market demand.

Demand for charcoal making machine line

The customer has ushered in the expansion of production scale while continuously expanding its market share. To meet this challenge, the customer seeks to introduce an advanced coal bar production line to realize an automated and efficient production process. Our set of production lines precisely meets the customer’s high requirements for production capacity, quality, and stability.

Benefits of coal briquette production line

  • Fully automated production process: The synergistic operation of the wood crusher, drum sawdust dryer, briquette making machine and other equipment realizes a fully automated production process from raw material processing to finished product manufacturing, which greatly improves production efficiency.
  • Independently developed advanced technology: The diameter and length of the briquettes can be adjusted according to the customer’s demand, and the briquettes produced are of uniform density and controllable quality.
  • Intelligent control system: The production line is equipped with an intelligent control system, which is easy to operate and can realize fine monitoring of the production process and improve the efficiency of the operators.

Customers said that this charcoal making machine line put into use has greatly improved their production capacity, the quality of coal briquettes has been effectively guaranteed, and at the same time, the burden of manual operation has been greatly reduced. Customers are also satisfied with the professionalism and service attitude of our engineers and are full of confidence in future cooperation.