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Machine-made charcoal machine equipment is environmental protection equipment.

Machine-made charcoal is artificial charcoal that has been popular in the past 10 years. The charcoal is processed by charcoal machine equipment. The raw material is first crushed, dried, formed, and finally carbonized by a carbonization furnace. The machine-made charcoal is processed by a charcoal machine, so In terms of appearance, it is relatively neat and can be loaded into a carton during the sale, which is convenient for transportation and carrying. Due to the high temperature and high-pressure extrusion molding of the bar machine, the density of charcoal is quite large, the burning time is long, the market selling price is high, and it is suitable for investment.

The machine-made of charcoal raw materials is wide. Rice husks, peanut hulls, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, beanstalks, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, pine shells, coconut shells, etc. can be used as raw materials to produce charcoal. Sawdust, shavings, bamboo chips, and rice husks are the best. You can clearly see that this is all biological raw materials, without any chemicals. And some of these raw materials are still waste, which is what everyone throws away. Machine-made charcoal is so amazing that it can turn waste into treasure.

Everyone knows that charcoal can be used as an environmentally friendly fuel, such as heating, grilling, and hot pot fuel, but now some careful people have discovered many new uses for charcoal.

Mechanism charcoal
Mechanism charcoal

1, simple and convenient moisture and mildew In the summer and autumn rainy season, we can also use charcoal to keep the room fresh. Put 5 to 10 kg of black charcoal in each room, boil for 10 minutes in advance, filter off the water, then use a hanging basket, put it in a ventilated place, and let it sit for two days. Then, place the charcoal in a ventilated basket and place it in the diagonal position inside the house. After three months, the charcoal is washed again and then dried, which can be reused. It is also possible to place charcoal in the closet shoe cabinet to prevent moisture and mildew.

2, can absorb moisture and deodorize, put a few pieces of charcoal in a plastic bag full of smoke, the smoke will slowly disappear. This is because after the wood is burnt into charcoal, there will be numerous fine holes in the interior and the inside, and the weight of 1 gram of charcoal can reach 250 square meters. These holes have the function of adsorbing various substances and releasing the adsorbed substances, thereby purifying the air. Therefore, people use it as a dehumidifying agent. When it is wet, charcoal absorbs moisture, and when it is dry, it will release the absorbed moisture, so that it can effectively adjust the humidity. In addition, charcoal can also eliminate odors and harmful substances in the room.

3, increase the detergency, in daily life, charcoal also has many wonderful uses. Charcoal and salt are used instead of washing powder when washing clothes. The effect is very good. Add some charcoal ingredients to the shampoo and soap to increase the cleansing power and keep the hair and skin moist.