An important part of the production process of charcoal machine equipment

As the world is constantly advocating the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, according to the current environmental protection situation, all industries are actively responding to the government’s environmental requirements, so there is a generation of charcoal machine equipment, which can make good use of raw materials. Material waste to produce mechanism charcoal, then what are the important links in the production of charcoal machine equipment?

 First, Crush the raw materials

In the process of fine crushing, special attention should be paid to crushing the raw materials into small particles. Environmental protection is not up to standard. The raw materials used are very important. The standard of small particles is 5mm to 10mm. To reach this standard, the next step can be carried out. If the standard is not met, it will be crushed until the standard is reached.

Sawdust Briquette Machine

Second,Energy-saving drying treatment of the pulverized raw materials

and the raw materials reach the appropriate humidity so that the refined mechanism charcoal can be produced. The standard of raw material humidity is 8% to 12%. Only when this humidity is reached can the water be used. Perform rod forming.

Third, Sawdust briquetting machine presses the sawdust into a block

In the process of making the rod, the temperature of the rod must be above 300 degrees. If the temperature is not reached, it will not be easy to form. If the temperature is too high, it will become soft.

Fourth, smokeless carbonization

. In the smokeless carbonization process of semi-finished wood sticks, the new smokeless carbonization furnace can be used to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, and no Tobacco, the general time needs to reach 8 to 12 hours to avoid incomplete carbonization.

The above are the four important links of the charcoal machine equipment production mechanism. The user can not neglect these links in the process of operating the charcoal machine equipment production mechanism charcoal, so as to ensure the better production of the charcoal machine equipment, and also ensure that it is produced for the user. Better mechanism charcoal produces better value.

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