A Bahrain customer bought a shisha charcoal production line

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With the popularity of shisha(hookah)around the world, the market demand for shisha charcoal is also increasing. In order to produce high-quality hookah charcoal in large quantities, many investors began to pay attention to hookah charcoal processing machinery. Our factory recently shipped a shisha charcoal production line to Bahrain.

What is a shisha charcoal production line?

In fact, the shisha charcoal production line is not the sum of one or two machines, but a complete set of hookah charcoal processing machinery. Generally, a complete hookah charcoal production line mainly includes the continuous carbonization furnace, charcoal crusher, wheel mill crusher, binder mixing tank, shisha charcoal tablet press, hookah charcoal dryer, and hookah charcoal packaging machine.

Briquetting Effect
Briquetting effect

Among them, the shisha charcoal tablet press machine is the core equipment in the entire production line. Because the machine directly determines the quality and shape of the finished product required by the customer. But if the customer’s raw material is charcoal, then he does not need to purchase carbonization equipment.

Details of the Bahrain order for shisha charcoal production line

Due to the low investment budget and the limitation of the production site, the Bahraini client did not purchase a complete hookah charcoal production line. The customer’s raw material is coconut shell charcoal purchased from a local charcoal processing plant, so there is no need to purchase a carbonization furnace.

Hookah Charcoal Making Machine
Hookah charcoal making machine

The Bahraini customer mainly purchased the charcoal crusher, wheel mixer and grinder, shisha charcoal briquette machine, and charcoal dryer machine. The customer stated that before choosing to cooperate with us, he had successively searched for three charcoal machine manufacturers, but their shisha charcoal machine and processing craft could not meet their needs.

The reason why the Bahraini customer finally chose to cooperate with us is that we provide a large number of high-quality product information and videos. Customers believe that we are strong, responsible, and can provide good after-sales service manufacturers.

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