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Mechanism for cleaning up the forming equipment of charcoal machine

Machine-made charcoal machine is a professional equipment for producing machine-made charcoal. Machine-made charcoal machine is generally divided into four steps: crushing raw materials, drying, rod making, carbonization. In the process of making rods, the charcoal machine is made by high-temperature and high-pressure extrusion. The machined charcoal processed with sawdust has not only high density, but also good flammability. The only shortcoming is that the sawdust material has a greater viscosity. It is easy to remain in the inner wall of the molding cylinder and the machined wood when the machined charcoal machine bar is passed. The inner wall of the carbon molding machine itself is deep and concave. Cleaning up these residues is both troublesome and time-consuming. Mechanism for blockage cleaning of molding machine for charcoal machine:

Wood crusher

The machine-made charcoal machine pours some water into the molding cylinder, then finds a wooden rod about 1 meter in length, ties a cloth on one end of the stick, then rotates along the inner wall at the bottom of the molding cylinder of the machine-made charcoal machine, and takes out the cloth for washing every turn, so that the machine-made charcoal machine-made molding cylinder can be completely formed in less than 5 minutes. Clean up.