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Working principle of continuous carbonization furnace equipment

Working principle of continuous carbonization furnace:

The continuous carbonization furnace produced by Shuliy Machinery utilizes the principle of dry distillation carbonization. The equipment can be used to decompose the materials in the furnace and decompose to form combustible gas, tar, and carbon. The three stages of work are as follows:

continuous carbonization furnace
continuous carbonization furnace
  1. Drying stage: the material enters the furnace, the temperature of the furnace rises. And the moisture contained in the charcoal in the furnace mainly relies on the heat generated by external heating and combustion itself. but the chemical structure of the mechanism rod itself does not change.
  2. Initial carbonization stage: At this stage, the heat generated by the mechanism rod itself is mainly caused by the temperature rise in the furnace, which is about 180-300 degrees. At this temperature, the machine helps to generate a decomposition reaction. And its chemical structure will Change occur, and hemicellulose decomposes to form CO2, CO, and a small amount of acetic acid.
  3. Comprehensive carbonization: At this stage, the temperature inside the furnace continues to increase, generally reaching 300-600 degrees. The wood material inside will rapidly decompose and decompose, and at the same time generate a large number of liquid products. such as acetic acid, methanol, and wood tar, in addition to methane, Combustible gases such as ethylene. These combustible gases burn and the thermal decomposition of the mechanism rod itself generate a large amount of heat. So that the furnace temperature rises, and the wood material will form a dry carbon at high temperatures.

 Continuous carbonization furnace features:

The continuous carbonization machine has many advantages. The design adopts the mobile steel plate structure, which is free and convenient when processing. The exhaust pipe at the top of the furnace is connected with the tar separator and the induced draft fan in turn. This design method has large volume, short cycle, and output. High and environmentally friendly, the equipment is advanced and reasonable. and has the advantage of long life. Our company can produce kiln for carbonizing various high, medium and low-temperature charcoal.

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