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What is the smokeless palm shell carbonization machine?

A large number of discarded coconut palm shells and various plant husks in Southeast Asia are one of the main raw materials for the production of charcoal. It can be used to produce high-quality charcoal with high particle strength, strong adsorption capacity and low impurity content. The smokeless palm shell carbonization machine is specially made for carbonized palm shell. The smokeless palm shell carbonization furnace is high-quality environmental carbonization equipment. It is a new technology product, creating a coconut shell, palm shell, fruit shell, rice husk, straw, sawdust, bamboo chips, etc. Biomass raw material carbonization process, this product is closely supported by environmental protection theme and promoted. How does an environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization furnace carbonize coconut shells, palm shells, and shells? The detailed analysis is as follows: the smokeless palm shell carbonization machine uses the gasification of the gasifier in the early stage to heat up, and the self-produced flue gas is used as the heat source. The combustible gas is used to enter the burner through the induced draft fan. The outlet temperature of the burner can reach 800 ° C ~ 1200. °C, the flow rate can reach 3 to 5 meters per second, and the generated high-temperature airflow is heated in the carbonization machine. In theory, each kilogram of raw materials can produce three cubic meters of methane gas. These gases can be used for carbonization and heating, and the carbonization heat source is used for drying. The temperature of the furnace can be adjusted at will. The environmentally-friendly continuous carbonization furnace not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by heavy smoke generated in the carbonization process of ordinary carbonization equipment but also solves the thermal energy problem required by the equipment, fully satisfies self-sufficiency, improves the continuity and economy of the equipment. Make full use of the residues of agriculture and forestry, if shells, coconut shells, palm shells, hemp rods, coconut shells, etc., turn them into waste, reduce the contradiction between the supply and demand of forestry resources in China, and contribute more to the greening environment. The palm shell carbonization furnace can continuously carbonize the rice husk coconut shell and palm shell.

carbonization furnace
carbonization furnace

The non-smoking palm shell carbonization is a new type of product with technical structure, reasonable design, continuous carbonization, high efficiency, recyclable flue gas generated by carbonization, and reduced pollution. According to statistics, the world’s coal reserves are only enough to use for about 60 years according to the current mining utilization rate. Biomass energy has become an important development direction for future energy. The new mechanism carbon (straw charcoal, rice husk charcoal, etc.) as a new type of biomass energy, its energy-saving and environmental protection, far lower than the market price and cost of raw coal, is widely used in urban energy, coal-fired boilers. With the increasing energy shortage and the country’s call for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental purification, the market demand and profit margin of biomass energy carbon will be immeasurable.

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