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What are the factors affecting the market for sawdust charcoal briquetting machines?

The current sawdust charcoal briquetting machine is a very popular environmentally friendly equipment on the market, which can produce energy-saving and environmentally-friendly renewable energy, mechanism charcoal, and for users of the new sawdust charcoal briquetting machine, What is the impact on the development of the market?

Charcoal prices are affected by the seasonal environment

For example, in winter and summer, the price of charcoal will be higher than usual, because these two seasons are the seasons with large amount of charcoal, so the price of charcoal is relatively high. Prices are lower in the fall and spring.

Secondly, due to the price factor of the new sawdust charcoal briquetting machine, the main raw material for the manufacture of sawdust charcoal briquetting machine is steel, and good steel can stop the good new charcoal machine equipment. The new sawdust charcoal briquetting machine is generally more expensive when the price of steel is high. Since the cost is increased, the price of charcoal is higher, and the price of charcoal is lower.

Carbonization is an important part of the mechanism of charcoal production

There are various carbonization methods, which can be basically divided into two categories: internal combustion method and dry distillation method. Only the carbonization process requirements are different, the carbonization temperature should be 550 degrees -600 degrees, the early temperature rise should be slow, the soil kiln should be 15 hours, the machine kiln is 2-3 hours, the early heating time is long, can prevent the raw material rod Moisture and cracking ensure the quality of carbonization.

The mechanism of carbonization of charcoal is closely related to the raw material rod, and the density of the raw material rod is generally required to be greater than 1. The simple detection method is as follows: taking a formed raw material rod into the water, the specific gravity of the water sinking is greater than 1, the floating specific gravity is less than 1, and the density is higher than the major one, and the produced charcoal has good quality.

After the charcoal is discharged from the kiln, it is necessary to first ventilate the air and then remove the carbon to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. The charcoal from the kiln should be placed outside the kiln for more than 8 hours to prevent re-ignition and fire.

There is also a factor that can affect the price of charcoal briquetting machine charcoal. Another is that the consumption level varies from place to place, resulting in different prices of charcoal. The good quality of the charcoal is good and the price will be higher.

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