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The bar making machine affects the quality of the carbon produced.

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A good stick making machine has good yield and effectiveness. At the same time, we can see the quality of a bar making machine from the charcoal effect. Because the quality of the charcoal directly affects the quality and technology of the rod making machine. Therefore, the quality of bar making machine must ensure high quality.

If the carbon rod made by the rod making machine bends and deforms, the charcoal produced does not conform to the specifications and quality standards. The main factors affecting the shape of rod making machine are the unreasonable design of spare parts and the water content of raw materials.


1. unreasonable design of parts for rod-making machine: the cross-section clearance between the propeller and the forming barrel of the rod-making machine will affect the forming resistance of raw materials, resulting in uneven pressure flow velocity of raw materials passing through the base of the propeller, resulting in the extrusion deformation of the forming fuelrod. Therefore, it is necessary to check the matching of each rod before making the rod. Whether the movement of the piece is normal.

2, the moisture content of raw materials. The moisture in raw materials has a certain influence on the rod making machine. If the moisture content of raw materials is too high, the plastic forming standard will not reach the standard hardness in the process of rod making, so the extruded fuelrod is naturally curved shape. Therefore, the raw materials must be removed before making the rod, and the water content is too high to be allocated. Prepare dryer.

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