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Straw coal briquetting machine for sale

working principle

The straw coal briquetting machine is mainly composed of a feeding conveyor, a compressor and a discharging machine. The compressor consists of a frame, an electric motor, a feed port, a transmission system, a structural roller of a straw briquetting press, a ring die, an electric heating ring, and a discharge port.

The working principle of the straw coal briquetting machine is as follows: the straw or the forage grass to be pressed is cut or twisted, the length of which is less than 50 mm, the water content is controlled within the range of 10 to 25%, and the material is fed into the feed through the feeding conveyor. The mouth rotates through the main shaft to drive the pressure roller to rotate, and after the rotation of the pressure roller, the material is forcibly extruded from the model hole and falls from the discharge port. After cooling, the moisture content cannot exceed 14%, and the bag is bagged. package.

straw coal briquetting machine

Structural features

The compression mould form of the straw coal briquetting machine is flat ring mould, and its structural features: First, the motor drives the reducer to drive the spindle to rotate, and then drives the pressure roller through the main shaft to rotate, the structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient; the second is the pressure roller and the mold The radial gap adjustment is convenient, which can ensure the most appropriate gap between the two pressure rollers and the mold; the third is to add an upper and lower electric heating ring, which can heat the ring mold, which is beneficial to material forming.

Production process

The material exceeding 60mm is cut by a rake machine or pulverized by a pulverizer, and the material grain length and water content are within the specified range; the material is evenly sent to the molding machine by the feeding machine (belt conveyor) or manually. In the mouth, press forming is the finished product. From raw material source to fuel use, the process is: material recovery → cutting → automatic metal removal → pressing → forming → output → cooling → transportation → biomass power plant or small boiler or civil.

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