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Sawdust briquette machine

Sawdust briquette machine


Sawdust briquette machine press the raw materials such as wood chips,sawdust powder into a mechanical stick through high temperature.For the different country all over the world,the shape can be customised by the customer’s requestment.Common moulds likes: square, hexagonal etc.

Sawdust briquette machine can be make the sawdust become wooden stick

then it can be carbonized at a high temperature, and the final product is a mechanism charcoal.

Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine


Capacity ( kg/h) 160-200 220-260
Motor 15 kw 18.5 kw
Heating power 3*1.5kw 3*1.5kw
Dimension (mm) 1700*660*1300 1860*800*1360


  1. First smash the raw materials to less than 5 mm.
  2. If the moisture of the raw material is higher than 12%, it is better to dry the raw materials before make the wooden stick by sawdust briquette machine
  3. After drying,put the the raw materials into the sawdust briquette machine,then press them.
  4. Finally, carbonize the wood stick.


The final product has a very high density, good quality, and it is resistant to burning,and no pollution. It can be widely used in barbecue charcoal.

Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine

Introduce of the raw materials

The raw material is less than 5 mm of wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, cashew nut shell, peanut shell, coconut shell,straw, cotton stems, bamboo, coffee shell, jute rods, etc.

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