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Raw materials for charcoal production

There are many raw materials for charcoal production, from tree bark to rice husk and peanut husk. But the quality of charcoal produced by various materials is different. So many materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, the charcoal machine manufacturers give you a detailed introduction.

First of all, larch, hardwood and bamboo sawdust as raw materials, without re-processing, is the best and most economical raw materials; and other plant sawdust due to the same firing process of soft carbon products, low carbon content, ash content will be affected in the sale, the production of fuel rods is slow, inefficient, Sometimes you need to mix other ingredients to make a good stick.

Secondly, hard wood materials such as shavings, wood residues, walnut shells, bamboo wedges, which need to be crushed and reused, although they need to be crushed by electricity and labor, but if the factory has this advantage, it is still a good choice.

And then there are branches, which need not only to be crushed and reused, but also the branches and root bark are the organs of nutrient transport of trees. The relatively loose structure of the bark contains a large amount of ash, and the bark content of the branches in the whole tree contains the most, natural branches as raw materials of charcoal ash content and specific gravity is in a disadvantage;

Cotton stalks, bean stalks, peanut shells, sunflower seeds, although this kind of annual plant stalks but dense texture, most of the finished products are dry, relatively low requirements for the pulverizer, so with a good carbonization process, domestic sales of carbon is no problem, it is also the most ideal industrial carbon after water-poured raw charcoal And barbecue charcoal;

There is rice husk, rice husk is from plant seed wrapping, dense and do not need to crush processing, can be produced directly with the current rod machine, water content is low, low cost, if coupled with a good carbonization process, is also a good raw material in low-grade products.

As for the soft annual vegetation such as wheat straw, corn straw and thatch, the current equipment is difficult to produce, even in the inefficient production of finished charcoal, not only will the cost (mechanical charcoal production is a big cost of electricity), but also annoying you, let alone the production of finished charcoal no one Yes.

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