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Maintenance and repair of charcoal machine equipment

Production mechanism charcoal needs to pass through high temperature and high pressure molding, charcoal machine equipment after high temperature and high pressure will inevitably cause wear and tear on equipment, Shuliy Machinery and Equipment Technology Department for everyone to analyze the maintenance and repair work of charcoal machine: many charcoal factory is because it is unable to repair a suitable durable screw and can not support the screw. The main reasons why the rod can not be repaired is as follows:

1. The quality of the welding materials used is too poor to lead to too short time, because of wear resistance but also high temperature, the general use of electrode welding on the market, about five to ten hours, we must use good materials, our best materials such as welding qualified about 100 hours.
2, welding process is not feasible, the majority of the market is welded by electric welding, the longest I have only used about 30 hours, the application of oxygen welding or spray welding process, because electric welding can not solve a high temperature problem, and wear-resistant materials in the welding is difficult to evenly dissolve into the steel.
3, because of different materials to use different compression ratio, this is a lot of screw do not know what the problem, shaft is also correct, also not worn, the first day is good but the second day is not, can not do the basic reason for the rod. The fineness and the softness of materials have different requirements for screw. Generally speaking, the compression ratio of miscellaneous wood is small, the compression ratio of Chinese fir is large, which is why many people say that Chinese fir sawdust is not worth a penny and can not stick out, which requires the production staff to judge according to experience and materials, it is better to have a factory to make a variety of materials screw, a variety of materials to be roughly separated.

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