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Lifting type carbonization furnace use method

Lifting type carbonization furnace is a new type of carbonization equipment, because of its high yield and good results, it is deeply loved by customers. Today we will explain how to use the lifting carbonization furnace.

Lifting type carbonization furnace

In the production of machine-made charcoal, the carbonization furnace can be placed on the horizontal ground, the top cover of the furnace can be opened, and then the wooden rods installed in the basket can be put into the furnace. The wooden rods should be inserted into the basket one by one, and the compactness of the rods will be better. The capacity at this time is about 2 tons, and finished charcoal is about 0.8 tons after carbonization. After loading the wood rod into the furnace, it ignites from the four ignition ports below. The wood or weeds can be used as ignition materials. A small amount of weeds or sawdust is first put into the reaction tank. After ignition, the wood rod is quickly capped to produce a certain concentration of gas. The gas is piped into the storage tank at the bottom of the carbonization furnace, and then the valve of the storage tank is slowly opened. And ignite at the same time. Before ignition, the furnace cover must be closed and fireproof asbestos cloth must be added to prevent leakage of fire and oxygen. The mechanism stick can be ignited naturally, and then the gas generated from the flue at the back of the carbonization furnace can be converted into ignitable gas through the gasifier system, which can be passed into the ignition port at the bottom of the carbonization furnace, and the smoking machine can be opened for smoke drawing and smoking. In general, about 3-4 hours of fire, you can observe the back of the furnace smoke pipe, if there is no black smoke, you can turn off the exhaust fan, into a self-flattening combustion state, combustion time is 8 hours, the general cooling time is also about 12 hours, after carbonization can open the door to take carbon.

In the charcoal process, each step of different manipulation will have different consequences, small obstacles do not fear, control the center of gravity of each step, each device to control the doorway, the details of the decision to win or lose, pay attention to the details of the conditions.

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