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How to use the Sawdust briquetting machine

Sawdust briquetting machine plays a major role in charcoal making industry. Any set of equipment has vulnerable parts. The vulnerable parts of the charcoal production line is the propeller of sawdust pressing machine. So in the daily operation of sawdust presser machine, constant checking, and maintenance of propeller so as to ensure the normal operation of sawdust pressing machine with prolonged service life. Sawdust briquetting machine as the main equipment of charcoal production, which is very important.

The propeller as the vulnerable parts of sawdust briquette machine, it wears after a certain period of charcoal production. So we’re going to examine its repair. The sawdust briquetting machine propeller inspection, and maintenance shall be conducted after being used for 15 to 20 working times. However high-frequency use within a short period of time suggesting more frequent maintenance in case of the problem appears in sawdust briquetting machine propeller, which is problematic for negative influence will be caused to the shape, and density of the final briquette, also can directly affect the products sales of machine-made charcoals.

How to use the Sawdust briquetting machine

Therefore the inspection and maintenance sawdust briquetting machine propeller is very necessary. In addition, it is recommended that when repair sawdust briquetting machine propeller you choose wear-resisting electrode because the wearable propeller is also important in the extrusion molding. After the repair, using the dull polish to make it’s surface smooth, make the mechanism of produce smooth in the surface.

Propeller od the sawdust briquette machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is more wear-resisting, durable, and adapt to any working environment. And quality propeller with wear-resistant electrode adopted is greatly recommended, due to the common electrode welding slag is easy to be eroded, which can seriously affect the production of the charcoal machine, so as to ensure the quality of charcoal machine production.

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