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High quality charcoal production machine for sale

Due to the rapid development of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, various environmental protection equipment and products on the market are being produced and manufactured. It can be seen that the development space of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry is very large, so the development space of the charcoal production machine in the market is also very large. Many users are also investing in charcoal making machines. What is the correct operation of the charcoal machine in the process of producing charcoal in the charcoal production machine?

High-quality charcoal production machine for sale

The first is to first dry the raw material, and use this process as the first production process of the charcoal production machine. It can be said that it is right or wrong. Why do you say that? Everyone knows that there are two kinds of mechanical carbon materials, one is powder. The raw material, that is, sawdust; the other is a bulk material, that is, a branch, a rice husk, and a straw. If it is a powdery raw material, the first process is applied to the drying process of the charcoal making machine, because the powdery raw material does not need to be subjected to the pulverization process, so it is preferred to preferably dry.

If it is a block material, the first drying process of the charcoal machine is wrong, because when the block material is processed by the dryer, it will inevitably collide with the drum scraper on the dryer, and it will break for a long time. The squeegee reduces the drying efficiency of the dryer.

Therefore, if the raw materials for production are in the form of blocks, it is unreasonable to select the first production process for drying the charcoal machine. On the contrary, the bulk raw materials are more suitable for the first crushing process of the charcoal machine equipment, and the crushed raw materials are dried. It will not hurt the dryer scraper, and will not drag the raw material drying efficiency.

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The charcoal production machine fills the raw materials containing biomass fibers that can produce charcoal, such as branches, straw, straw, peanut shells, trunks, cotton straw, tea seed husks, husks, weeds, leaves, etc., and pulverizes into 10mm by a pulverizer. The powder inside is dried by a dryer to make the moisture content within 12%. After being put into the rod machine by high temperature and high pressure, it is formed (without any additives) and then put into a carbonization furnace for carbonization. Mechanism charcoal.

The above is the correct operation of the charcoal making machine analyzed for the majority of users. The user must not mess with the production sequence in the production mechanism of the equipment, such as drying and smashing. This will seriously damage the dryer equipment, affect the production efficiency and effectiveness of the charcoal production machine, causing some unnecessary losses.

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