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Charcoal sticks and charcoal produced by charcoal making machines

The charcoal making machine is a device that uses biomass waste to manufacture charcoal and realizes energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production in production. The charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is also popular in the market, but many users cannot distinguish the production of charcoal making machine. The charcoal rods and machine-made charcoal, then what is the difference between the machine-made of carbon rods produced by charcoal machines and the charcoal?

First, the machine-made carbon rod

charcoal machine

The machine-made carbon rod can be crushed by raw materials such as straw, sawdust, twig, rice husk, bamboo shavings, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, furfural residue, cotton stalk, sesame stalk, corn stalk, corn cob, and various shrubs. After that, it is compressed into a high-density, high-calorie shaped fuel by mechanical pressurization and heating. No need to add any adhesives and chemicals, the density of the raw materials is generally about 130kg/m3, and the volume is reduced to one-tenth of the original after extrusion molding. The density of the machine-made salary bar is 1100 – 1300kg / m3, and its combustion The performance is greatly improved, it is a better biomass fuel, which can replace coal and natural gas. It is used for boiler, life, heating, drying, etc. It is faster than coal and has a higher calorific value.

charcoal machine production line 

Second, the machine-made charcoal

The machine-made charcoal is obtained by heating and decomposing the machine-made carbon rod in the carbonization device under the condition of oxygen or a small amount of oxygen. The calorific value is about 8000 kcal/kg, and there is no SO2 emission when burning. Clean fuel. In addition, the charcoal has higher carbon content, higher calorific value, less volatility, and longer burning time than the traditional log (tree) charcoal. It is 2 to 4 times of ordinary log (tree) charcoal and has the advantages of smokeless and tasteless. Therefore, it is favored by users at home and abroad, and there is a scene where the price of charcoal is rather high and the price of logs (trees) is low. Moreover, due to the gradual reduction of market logs (trees),  charcoal is more popular in the market.

The above is the distinction between the machine-made carbon rod and the charcoal produced by the charcoal making machine. From these, it can be seen that the salary bar belongs to the carbonized product, which is troublesome to use. The charcoal is a product produced by the charcoal making machine, and it is widely used in the market. And the advantages are many, so the charcoal making the machine has more advantages than the salary bar.

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