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The function of the heating ring of machine-made charcoal machine

The function of the heating ring of the machine-made charcoal machine is to harden the surface of the formed machine-made charcoal rod. After hardening, the yield and quality of the machine-made charcoal can be increased. This will increase the production efficiency of the machine-made charcoal machine production line. The machine-made charcoal machine production line adopts three heating rings to meet the production demand. This method is adopted. It can make the surface of the machine charcoal harden once, and then improve the production efficiency and quality of the machine charcoal. When this problem occurs, it is usually due to the heating temperature is too high or not up to the standard, or it may be caused by different factors such as the wear of the forming sleeve is too serious, and the excessive moisture in raw materials. We need to find out the reasons and compare them one by one, and make corresponding adjustments. Heating ring replacement method:

Sawdust briquette machine

Confirm that the heating ring type is the same; when installing the heating ring, the outlet should be heated uniformly, which can prolong the service life of the heating ring and improve the lignin conversion efficiency.

After installing the heating ring, the probe should be put into the fixed position of the barrel to ensure the accurate control of the barrel temperature by the thermometer.

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