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The four major technologies to be mastered in the production of charcoal

On the surface, the production process of charcoal machine is very simple. In fact, this is not the case. A good connection between multiple devices on the production line and the normal operation of each device require a professional skilled operation. It is necessary to master some necessary technical skills. Next, Shuliy Machinery will talk about the four technologies that need to be mastered in the production of charcoal.

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1. The crushing of raw materials. The first process of charcoal production is to pulverize the raw materials. The crushing of the materials is to meet the requirements of the rods, otherwise rework will be required, which will result in the waste of resources.

2. Drying of materials. Drying is the preparation work before the material is made. Whether the drying degree of the material can meet the requirements of the rod determines whether the rod is successful or not. Therefore, the drying of the material must meet the requirements of the rod, so that the rod can be smoother.

3, the rod. After the above two processes have successfully met the requirements, the process of making the rods can be successfully completed.

4. Charring process of salary bar. An important step in the formation of mechanical charcoal products is carbonization. Carbonization is to master the time and temperature of carbonization. Any carbonization or excessive carbonization will affect the quality of the product.

Familiar with the above four points, in the actual operation of production, it is necessary to observe the charcoal machine equipment deliberately, and to complete the production task with a small amount of labor intensity and high quality is the pursuit of the operator.

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