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Shuliy Machinery sells high quality continuous carbonization furnace

Shuliy mechanical sales of the continuous carbonization furnace can be wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, plant straw, bark and other carbon-containing wood materials (size less than 15m granular) in the furnace under high temperature dry distillation, anaerobic carbonization, and carbonization rate is very high.

continuous carbonization furnace

Continuous carbonization furnace uses materials in the carbonization process, will produce some carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen, and so on, we use advanced technology to recover, purify, circulating combustion of these gases. This not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the dense smoke produced in the carbonization process of ordinary carbonization furnace, but also solves the problem of heat energy needed by charcoal machine equipment, fully realizes self-supply and self-sufficiency, improves the continuity and economy of the equipment, makes full use of agricultural and forestry residues, makes it waste into treasure, and reduces the tight supply and demand of forestry resources. Zhang’s contradictions contribute to the greening environment.

The flue gas produced in the carbonization process is then sprayed, cooled, purified and other processes, so that the generated combustible gas is burned again. In this way, the self generated heat is used to burn the self energy to achieve the energy saving effect. Moreover, after the flue gas is purified in the pipeline, there is no flue gas in the production environment, which is environmentally friendly and meets the national exhaust standard.

Points for attention

When the carbonization furnace is ignited for the first time and is extinguished in the middle, the side door must be opened to prevent too much combustible gas in the furnace, which will cause detonation when ignited and endanger human safety.

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