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Indian customers in charcoal machine plant

Recently, a customer from India came to the manufacturer to watch the carbonization processing of charcoal machine, our products was highly praised. And they prepare to order a set of charcoal processing equipment.

Next, we will introduce you the three temperature sections during the carbonization process in the furnace:

Mechanism charcoal
Mechanism charcoal

1.The drying stage

Starting from the ignition, and the temperature rises to 160 ℃, then the water contained in mechanism bars is evaporated by the heat, which is generated through the burning procedure. The chemical composition of the bars has barely changed.

2.The initial stage of carbonization

This stage is mainly completed by heat generated during the combustion of bars, which can heat the furnace up to 160 ~ 280 ℃. At this point, the thermal decomposition happens, and the composition of bars are beginning to change. The unstable composition in bars, such as hemicellulose, will be decomposed into CO2, CO, and a small amount of acetic acid.

3. Complete carbonization stage

The temperature in this phase is between 300 ~ 650 ℃.

During this phase, the wood material is going through the thermal decomposition, and a large number of liquid materials such as acetic acid, methanol, and wood tar oil are generated. In addition, combustible gases, such as methane and ethylene burning in the furnace are produced. The heat generated by thermal decomposition and gas combustion, resulting in a higher furnace temperature so that the wood turn into carbon at high temperature.

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