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How much mechanical charcoal can a ton of wood produce?

The cost of production mechanism charcoal, raw materials account for a large proportion, so how much mechanism charcoal can be burned per ton of wood is the key for customers to consider whether to invest in charcoal machine to make money. It is easy to know the cost of producing 1 ton of charcoal through the cost of raw materials, power, labor, site and other related expenses. Then, it is clear to check the price of charcoal in the local mechanism, the profit size of the production of charcoal and whether it is worth the investment.

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And the mechanical charcoal that can burn a ton of wood is not a fixed answer in itself. Because the humidity of the wood raw material is uncertain, in the process of producing charcoal through the charcoal machine, the conditions of the rod must be met, and the moisture of the raw material after drying should be between 8% and 12%. The quality of the stick is better. Generally speaking, raw materials with a certain humidity (between 25% and 30%), through the whole process of crushing, drying, rod making and carbonization, finally produce mechanism charcoal, and produce 1 ton of mechanical charcoal per 3 tons of raw materials. That is, a ton of wood of this humidity can burn 0.3 tons of mechanical charcoal.

However, in the actual production process, the moisture of the raw materials is not fixed. We buy raw materials, if it is wet, the raw materials used to produce charcoal will be relatively more; if it is dry, the raw materials used to produce charcoal will be relatively less. We can use these to estimate whether the local raw materials used to produce the mechanism charcoal is cost-effective and whether the profit is objective. If the price of raw materials is high, we can’t rush to invest to avoid lower profit margins and lead to the final investment failure.

Investment mechanism charcoal machine equipment, raw materials is a very important factor, raw materials should not only be sufficient, but the price should be appropriate, and this price is closely related to its humidity, we must not only look at the price but also consider its humidity to get the most Good investment plan.

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