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High quality shisha charcoal making machine

Arabian Shisha carbon tablet press, carbon powder tableting equipment, mainly used in the production of Shisha charcoal. The produced Shisha carbon has an adjustable diameter. The size, strength, and hardness of the carbon sheet can be produced according to the customer’s requirements.

This product is made of selected charcoal powder with spices and edible binder and can be ignited by a match. Smoke-free, tasteless, non-toxic, used for church aromatherapy and Arabs to ignite shisha, beautifully packaged.

The Arabian Shisha Carbon Sheet Machine can press the material into a sheet (Ф15-Ф50mm) square, cuboid, ring, diamond, triangle, cylinder, capsule, cone, convex, concave and other various types when changing the mold. The geometric shape of the product can also be pressed with text, trademarks, patterns, double-layer two-color film, three-layer three-color film, and various shapes. It is stamped forty times per minute, 9-12 pieces per time, and about 30,000 pieces per hour.

Shisha charcoal making machine

The Shisha charcoal making machine is mainly used for pressing powdery raw materials and is pressed and formed at one time by adding a binder. After molding, the product is mainly used as a combustion-supporting agent and barbecue charcoal, and all the carbon powder tablets are purchased in our company. The machine production line is given with technical formulas such as combustion improver, flammable agent and adhesive, which allows users to reduce production cost and obtain greater economic benefits. The products are smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, high in heat, low in ash, and burning. Long time and other characteristics.

Shisha charcoal making machine advantages:

1. It has a strong range of use and can be pressed into various shapes.

2. The specially designed forcing feeder can suppress pure powder materials with light weight and low density like charcoal powder.3, specially designed auxiliary equipment, can achieve automatic feeding, automatic filming.
4, humanized design, making the machine easier to clean and maintain.
5. The transmission system is enclosed in the worm gear box below the main body. It is a completely separate and independent component. It will not pollute each other, and the transmission pair will be fully lubricated to reduce noise and wear.
6. The special installation structure makes the replacement and maintenance of the lower punch guide and the lower press wheel convenient and quick.

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