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Environmentally friendly sawdust charcoal briquette production line equipment

The machine-made charcoal equipment is a device for producing charcoal fuel by processing, such as crushing, drying, rod making and carbonization, using agricultural and forestry crops and their wastes as raw materials. The complete set of equipment generally includes a pulverizer, a dryer, a rod forming machine, a carbonization furnace, and the like.

Sawdust charcoal briquette production line features:

First, the product has reasonable design, reliable manufacturing quality, simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small footprint, labor saving and power saving.

Second, the design of the fully automatic control electric heating device can randomly adjust the dry humidity of the material to ensure stable discharge molding and improve work efficiency.

Third, the main part of the product is treated with special wear-resistant materials, so it can be continuously pressed and produced.

Fourth, it is suitable for press forming of various biomass raw materials and has low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

Fifth, the three bearings of the old-fashioned movement are four, which increases the stability and durability of the machine.

Sixth, the old-fashioned oil-based lubrication is oil-immersed lubrication, as long as there is no shortage of oil, it can be used for many years.

Seventh, increase the pitch to increase the amount of feed, thus greatly increasing the output.

Eighth, the structure of the forming cylinder is improved, the friction between the machine and the raw material is reduced, and the density of the mandrel is increased.

Sawdust charcoal briquette production line equipment performance:

The wood chip charcoal briquette production line has reasonable design structure, mature technology, simple operation, high product yield, large extrusion density and uniform density. The auger is precision casted with special wear-resistant materials, and its service life is longer than that of the traditional propeller. The forming sleeve is precision casted with special formulated alloy materials, which greatly reduces the cost and saves manpower.

Applicable materials:

The machine-made charcoal equipment has certain requirements on the material of the raw material and the moisture content of the raw material. The lignin content of the raw material is high, and the carbon content of the produced charcoal is high. In addition, the bar machine generally requires the moisture of the raw material to be between 5% and 12%. If the moisture is high, it needs to be dried first.
Machine-made charcoal equipment generally uses sawdust or rice husk as raw materials, and both do not need to be crushed. Secondly, shavings, bamboo chips, branches, wood scraps, and shells are also good raw materials, but they need to be crushed first, and the requirements for the crusher are relatively high.

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