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The charcoal molding machine technology includes: a series of technologies such as adhesive formulation, forming, cutting, conveying and drying; this set of technology directly affects the quality and quality of the customer’s charcoal products. After years of practice, Shuliy Machinery has concluded a complete set of technical formulas. For customers who purchase equipment from our factory, our factory provides technical formula free of charge.

The characteristics of Shuliy mechanical adhesive formula are:

1. Good deashing effect;

2. Use this agent to make charcoal mechanism charcoal (environmental charcoal, synthetic charcoal), smokeless, non-toxic, no odor, no burst, high calorific value It does not contain fire, has low ash, is resistant to burning, has a smooth appearance, can not hold powder in hand, and has high thermal and mechanical strength.

3. When the stick is up to 1 meter, there will be no breakage; after drying, the appearance will be smooth, the hand can’t take off the powder, and it can be broken with a little force; when burning, it won’t break, it won’t burn, it can be put out in the water, it can be extinguished immediately. Do not break, continue to use, the quality remains unchanged. One ton of adhesive can make 20 tons of carbon powder into a carbon rod.

Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine

Technical advantages of charcoal powder and pulverized coal rod making machine:
1. After carbonization, the original five processes are reduced to two;
2. The service life of consumable parts has been increased from 40 hours to 4000 hours;
3. The cost of electricity consumption is reduced by 60%;
4. The output of the rod making machine is increased by 2-3 times;
5. The cost per ton of carbon powder forming machine drops by US$130;
6, the operation is greatly reduced;
7. Weak charcoal becomes high-quality charcoal, and high-quality charcoal becomes special charcoal. The content of weak carbon is increased from 60% to 70-75%; the high quality content is above 83%, which greatly expands the market;
8, the host is equipped with automatic pressurization, automatic sensitization and other length cutting device;
9, the product has many shapes; can be made of various shapes of charcoal powder molding products according to customer requirements.

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