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The coal ball briquette machine equipment can be used to crush a variety of powdery materials such as coal powder, coal surface, coal slurry, medium coal, coking coal, coke powder, coke, coke, and metallurgical powder cold-pressed pellets. It can produce special shapes such as square, spherical, elliptical, round, column, strip, bread, and pillow. Let me introduce you to the shaft ball socket of our ball press equipment.

We know that the current manufacturers of coal ball briquette machines are basically custom-made to fully meet the individual needs of users. Among them, the roller ball socket can be customized, but this does not mean that it can be set at will. We must also consider the nature of the material and the quality of the ball. Therefore, different types of ball presses have certain principles in the ball and socket design.

Coal ball briquette machine

Different types of coal ball briquette machines The shape and size of their ball sockets will vary from material to material to meet various requirements. For example, for a dry powder ball press, it is necessary to select a flat ball socket, and the ball socket is not selected to be small and shallow. The main reason is that the dry powder ball press does not allow any bonding when pressing the raw material. If the deep ball socket and the large ball socket are used, the ball formation rate is not high. It is even difficult to shape.

Coal ball briquette machine equipment

For the ball press equipment, the ball socket should be selected as much as possible, and the ball socket should be set to a spherical shape, so as long as the moisture and the amount of the binder are controlled, the yield of the finished ball is as high as 95%. And the ball strength is very good. If you can’t do it once, you can try to press the ball twice to ensure the ball rate and strength. Therefore, the design of the roll skin of the ball press equipment should also refer to and follow other aspects.

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