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What is the impact of the carbonization rate of the charcoal briquette production line?

Using charcoal briquette production lines to produce charcoal, customers want a higher yield to avoid the cost of raw material waste. In the process of using carbonization furnace or earthen kiln firing, some improper operations are likely to affect the quality of the mechanism charcoal. Shuliy Machinery, as a professional company with many years of production and operation of charcoal briquette production line, deliberately sums up some reasons for customer reference.
The charcoal briquette production line produces a low yield when the salary bar is carbonized, and there are several reasons for this problem:

1. Improper ignition position;
2. The warming process is too long;
3. The kiln flue is not accessible;
4. The kiln leaks;
5. Too much oxygen is supplied during the carbonization process.
For the problems found above, the solutions we provide are as follows:
a. Improper ignition position: the ignition position is too close to the oxygen supply hole, and an open flame is generated at the oxygen supply hole (kiln door), thereby causing a large amount of charcoal at the kiln door. Solving this problem is mainly to correct the ignition position so that the ignition position is close to the middle of the kiln.
b. The warming process is too long: sometimes it may be because the charcoal personnel neglected the closing time of the kiln, which caused the heating time to be too long and wasted some charcoal that had been charred.
c. The flue is not accessible: the flue will not lead to prolonged carbonization time, so that some charcoal will be burned more, so the chimney and flue must be ensured when the kiln is installed.
d, kiln gas leakage: kiln gas leakage needs timely repair.
e. Too much oxygen in the carbonization process: This problem is more complicated. The charcoal personnel must constantly observe the kiln temperature and adjust the oxygen supply.
The customer invests in the charcoal briquette production line. In the process of production, if the problem of low charcoal yield is found, the above points can be analyzed and corresponding measures are taken to solve the problem, so as to finally improve the charcoal carbonization yield and reduce each. The loss of the aspect guarantees the customer’s investment mechanism to make money from charcoal machine equipment.

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