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Shisha/Hookah charcoal making machine | round charcoal tablets press machine

shisha hookah charcoal making machine for sale

shisha hookah charcoal making machine for sale

Shisha/Hookah charcoal making machine description 

Shisha charcoal making machine also can be called hookah charcoal tablets machine and shisha charcoal briquette machine, it is very popular in Arab countries and southeast countries. This hookah charcoal machine is applicable for making small tablets, cylinder shapes, and cubic shapes from coal and charcoal dust powder. The final charcoal briquettes are in good density, perfect shape, and long burning time. This industrial charcoal machine is specially designed for making round shisha(hookah) charcoal tablets.

Commercial shisha charcoal briquettes making machine structure

The structure of the hookah charcoal making machine is mainly divided into a feeding system, a carbon block forming system, and a discharging system.

The feed system of the shisha charcoal making machine is mainly a funnel-shaped tank. When we add the mixed carbon powder or coal powder to the feeding system of the machine, the feeding system will evenly spread the carbon powder on the hookah charcoal forming mold.

details of the shisha hookah charocal making machine

details of the shisha hookah charcoal making machine

The carbon powder molding system of the hookah charcoal machine is mainly a set of molds that can be pressed up and down. The shape of hookah charcoal is mainly determined by this set of molds. When the lower mold is covered with charcoal powder, the upper mold will automatically press down, and the charcoal powder will be pressed into a compact solid carbon sheet.

The discharge system of the hookah charcoal making machine is mainly composed of a bracket and mesh belt. The pressed water pipe charcoal sheet will fall on the mesh belt and move with the mesh belt. During the movement, the excess carbon powder will be automatically screened out through the mesh of the mesh belt.

Shisha/Hookah charcoal making machine features

1. The final shisha charcoal briquettes made by shisha charcoal machine are easy for combustion, no smell, and lasts longer when burning.

2. This hookah charcoal machine is one kind of Mechanical -pressure -type automatic tablet machine.

3. It can press a variety of powder materials into round, square, and other special-shaped tablets.

hookah charcoal press moulds

hookah charcoal press molds

Shisha/Hookah charcoal briquette making machine applications

The hookah charcoal press machine is suitable for processing charcoal tablets with a diameter of 30-55 mm. The finished hookah charcoal is in the form of a disc, with one convex side and the other concave, with a diameter of 30-40 mm and a thickness of about 13 mm.

The molding pressure of the hookah making machine can be adjusted. Therefore, we can adjust the density of hookah charcoal tablets by changing the molding pressure of the hookah charcoal machine.

Hookah charcoal tablet press machine technical data

Model Power Capacity Diameter Modulus
SL-10 7.5kw 9pieces/min22times/min 20-40mm 10
SL-14 7.5kw 11pieces/min 21times/min 20-40mm 14
SL-15 7.5kw 12pieces/min 23times/min 20-40mm 15

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