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Making good charcoal requires good charcoal briquetting machines and technology

With the increasing popularity of charcoal briquetting equipment, more and more people want to invest. They also have a lot of questions in their minds. For example, how can they produce good charcoal? Is the quality of the finished charcoal briquetting machine related to production technology? Wait, now Shuliy Machinery will come to answer them one by one.

The quality of the products produced by the charcoal briquetting machine is related to the production technology, and the relationship is still relatively large. Because only good production technology can produce good machine-made charcoal, only by producing a good machine-made carbon, can we have a good market, and then we can sell good prices and bring good returns to the enterprise.

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How to make high-quality charcoal?

The production technology of charcoal machine equipment is divided into several stages. The first is the operation process of the pulverizer. In the process of pulverizing the raw materials, it is necessary to master the size of the pulverizing granulator, and the pulverization should reach the standard. Then it is drying.

In the process of charcoal drying, it is also necessary to ensure the humidity of the drying, the humidity is too large, or the humidity is too small, the machine-made of the carbon cannot be done, only the mastery of the technology, drying and adapting to the humidity. Then it is a rod. When making a rod, technology is more important. It is necessary to master the temperature of the rod, control the temperature, and produce carbon without splitting or dispersing. Another step is to carbonize, carbonization technology is more important, carbonization must ensure complete carbonization.

Only by mastering the production technology can we produce well-finished carbon, and the finished product made by the charcoal briquetting machine has a great relationship with the production technology. As long as we purchase the equipment of our factory, we are responsible for guiding the specific installation and commissioning of the customer, and teaching the production technology until the produced product is qualified.

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